Read and translate. Fill in the missing phrases.

1.spend their free time can open up important knowledge about news, events, etc.
3.has made our life more interesting appeared only about 50 years ago
5.plays an important part
6.have become an ordinary thing
7.get a lot of useful information

How do people usually answer the question like, “What are your plans for tonight?” or “What are you doing at the weekend?” In other words, how do people A)________________________________? Some twenty or thirty years ago the usual answers used to be: “We are going to the theatre (or the cinema) or “We are going to a party” or “We are having some friends around”. Now you quite often hear, “We are going to stay at home and watch the telly”.
Television (colloquially known as TV or telly) is now so popular in the whole world that it is hard to believe that B)_________________________ ___________.
A first-rate colour TV set and a video cassette recorder (VCR) C) ________ ________________________in the household today and a DVD-player is quickly becoming one.
Modern television offers the viewers several programmes on different channels. In addition to regular news programmes, you can see plays and films, operas and ballets, and watch all kinds of contests, quizzes, soap operas, serials and sporting events. You can also D)____________________________________ on the educational channel. A good serial (perhaps, a detective story or a screen version of a classical novel) can keep the whole family in front of the telly for days, and don’t we spend hours and hours watching our favorite football or hockey team in an important international event?
Television most definitely E) _______________________________ in people’s lives. But is it a good thing or a bad one? Haven’t we become lazier because of the television? Don’t we go out less often? Don’t we read less? And yet a lot of people believe that the telly F) _____________________________________ and can’t imagine their everyday life without it.
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