сочинение на англиском языке.Исползовать следующие слова в тексте: plane/train/bus is late, don\'t have your ticket, no planes/trains/buses, car has a problem, phone is dead, no wifi, the waether is bad. ​
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MikeHunt 2 года назад
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I decided to join ISIS as a driver. I packed my bag with ammo and went to a local airport. The plane to Ankara was late. It arrived two hours later. The stewardess said that I didn't have my ticket but I showed her my knife. That's why she allowed me to enter the plane.

Now I live in Idlib. There are no buses and many Russian planes fly here every day. My car has a problem because its radiator is broken by bullets. My phone is dead the same as my friends lying in this car. There is no WiFi in ISIS. The weather is bad.


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