b Make sentences with the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous (and for since if necessary). Use the present perfect continuous if possible. I/work for a charity / eight years I\'ve been working for a charity for eight years. 1 we/know each other, we were children 2 the children / play computer games /two hours 3 your sister / have that hairstyle / a long time? 4 l/love her the first day we met 5 my internet connection/not work/yesterday 6 how long/you/ wait? 7 I/ be a teacher three years 8 it / snow / five o\'clock this morning 9 Sam/not study enough /recently 10 you / live in London / a long time?​
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1. We have known each other since we were children.

2. The children has been playing computer games for two hours.

3. Have your sister had that hairstyle for a long time?

4. l have loved her since the first day we met.

5. My internet connection has not worked since yesterday.

6. How long have you been waiting?.

7. I have been a teacher for three years.

8. It has been snowing since five o'clock this morning.

9. Sam has not studied enough since recently.

10. Have you been living in London for a long time?​

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