Выбери правильный вариант

You … not going to be a businessman. a) is b) am c) are

This girl enjoys … to music. a) to listen b) listening c) listen

… this actor going to act in this film? a) are b) am c) is

Of course, I … going to be a computer programmer. a) b) c)

Stop … ! a) to talk b) talking c) talk

IV. Составь из слов предложения.

was, twenty, last year, Susan

drinking, his, coffee, sister, now, is

often, doesn’t, the girl, translate, texts

has, already, she, the room, cleaned

go, to, will, you, next month, the country ?

Раскрой скобки.

I (to play) the guitar every evening.

I (to play) the guitar now.

I (to play) the guitar three days ago.

I (to play) the guitar tomorrow.

I never (to play) the guitar .

Выбери правильный вариант

The children … cartoons yesterday evening. a) don’t watch b)aren’t watching c)didn’t watch

Mike often … in the garden. a) is working b) works c) worked

We … flowers at the lesson now. a) are drawing b) will draw c) draw

The man … the documents yet. a) didn’t get b) isn’t getting c) hasn’t got

The students … presents for their teacher next week. a) will buy b) bought c) buy
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Выбери правильный вариант
1)You are not going to be a businessman
2)This girl enjoys listen
3)Is this actor going to act in this film
4)Of course, I am going to be a computer programmer
5)Stop talking

Составьте из слов предложение:
IV. 1)Susan was twenty last year
2)His sister is drinking coffee now
3)The girl often doesn’t translate text
4)She has already cleaned the room
5)Will you go to the country next month?

Раскрой скобки:
1)I play the guitar every evening
2)I am playing the guitar now
3)I played the guitar three days ago
4)I will play the guitar tomorrow
5)I never plays the guitar

Выберите правильный вариант:

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