Complete the second sentence so meaning as the first.
1. The Hunger Games series was more popular than the Maze Runner films.
The Maze Runner films weren\'t _____as The Hunger Games series.
2. In my opinion, no actor is funnier than Will Ferrell. In my opinion, Will Ferrell is_____ actor of all.
3.Reading an e-book isn\'t as enjoyable as reading a paper book. Reading a paper book is _____reading an e-book.
4. Gaming computers used to be more expensive. Gaming computers aren\'t as____ they used to be.
5.She doesn\'t think any writer is as good as J.K. Rowling. She thinks J.K. Rowling is _____writer in the world
6. Ariana Grande isn\'t as old as Katy Perry. Katy Perry is ____Ariana Grande. WS. ich/​
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1 so popular

2 the funniest

3 more enjoyable than

4 expensive as

5 the best

6 older than


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