Поставьте глаголы в форму пассивного залога

1. Various terminals (connect) … to this workstation.

2. Microcomputers (know) … as “PCs”.

3. Magazines (typeset) … by computers.

4. When a particular program is run, the data (process) … by the computer very rapidly.

5. The Web (use) … to search for information and buy products online.

6. The drug-detecting test in the Tour de France (support) … by computers.

7. All the activities of the computer system (coordinate) … by the central processing unit. 8. In some modem systems information (hold) … in optical disks.

Перепишите предложения в пассивном залоге

1. They use computers in education.

2. We use financial software to make calculations.

3. They write and edit the newspaper on PCs and Macintosh computers.

4. They use different data communications systems – fax machines, e-mail, etc. – to communicate with newspaper correspondents.

5. They convert files into HTML code and display them on the Web.

6. Epson ink-jet and laser printers print black-and-white proofs.

7. Compatible word processors type and edit the text.

8. They don’t transmit data from handheld computers to desktop PCs and peripherals.

9. A computer accepts, processes, stores and outputs information
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1) are connected

2)are known

3)are typeset

4)is processed

5)is used

6)is supported

7)are coordinated

8)is held

1) Computers are used in education by them.

2)financial software is used by us to make calculations.

3)the newspaper on PCs and Macintosh computers are written and edited by them

4)different data communications systems – fax machines, e-mail, etc are used by them to communicate with newspaper correspondents

5)Files are converted into HTML code and displayed on the Web by them.

6)black-and-white proofs are printed by epson ink-jet and laser printers.

7)The text is typed and edited by compatible word processors.

8)Data isn't transmitted from handheld computers to desktop PCs and peripherals by them

9) Information is accepted, processed,stored, and output by computer

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